About Us

The Society was begun in August 2008.

Monday, 19 May 2014


The group had a wonderful trip to Summerlee. It is well worth a visit and makes a great afternoon out.

This coming Friday, 23rd May, we shall be off on another day out. This time we are visiting Bo'ness Steam Railway Museum.

We will NOT be in our usual meeting place on the 23rd May.

We would like to thank everyone who has given donations towards the magazine.
When we know the people who have donated, a thank you letter will be sent out.
However, people hand money to members and
we have no idea where to send a thank you.

Please accept this as a very great thanks.
Without your kind donations, we would not be able to produce the magazine. 
Every small amount helps greatly.

We are still looking for stories about WW1. Perhaps something your grandparents told you, even if you think it might not be true! or perhaps a story your parents told you their parents told them. Every little bit will help to make the magazine intersting and local!